Recent legislation (Invasive Alien Species Order 2019) makes it illegal for animal rescue centres to return back to the wild grey squirrels whom they help. In reality, it means that British grey squirrel rescue is destroyed! Residential places are full and animals have to be turned away or euthanised!

We are raising money for a judicial review, and the papers are now in court. 

We are trying to save grey squirrel rescue in this country. Animals are being killed, or left to die, because rescue centres cannot legally help them! Vets, rescue centre workers and compassionate members of the public are left traumatised and demoralised in the process. This situation cannot be right, and, with your help, we can challenge it. 

The current target, to continue with the judicial review process, is £7500.00. There will be further costs, but there is a lot at stake, affecting every wildlife rescue centre in the country. If enough of us contribute even a small sum, together we can make a big difference!

Many many thanks for your support! 


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Urban Squirrels

London-based wildlife rescue unit that specializes in grey squirrel rescue and advocacy. We take in injured or orphaned squirrels, mostly babies, who are brought to us by members of the public or referred by vets. We look after them, treating any injuries and hand-rearing when necessary. We also have some squirrels living with us full-time, generally because of a disability. Urban Squirrels also works to improve the public image of the animal. As an introduce species, grey squirrels often become the target of prejudice and unfair persecution. Their ecological impact is routinely exaggerated or falsified altogether. We seek to correct false information in the public sphere via social and mainstream media.


From 13th April 2022. Until 13th April 2024.


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