As some of you know in less than a month with an incredible group of people I will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain above sea level in the World at a height of 5,895 metres.

I will be raising money to support The Garden of Hope Centre which is based in Ngong, Kenya. The centre houses children from challenged backgrounds such as children from abusive circumstances, girls from harmful cultural practices, abandoned children and orphans.

Whilst growing up in Kenya, giving back to the underprivileged was part of a monthly event. We would go to a children’s home, feed them with a variety of food, help paint their rooms and not only teach them to play a game but also learn a new game from them. These are fond memories and as an extended family, we continue to support the feeding programmes on a regular basis.

The next step in my charitable purposes journey is to set up a program whereby vocational skills are taught and the group of people are then able to sustain their livelihood from sales of the products they have made using the skill set they have been taught.

At this stage, the funds I raise will primarily be used to set up a self-sustaining project - a bakery out of a shipping container. This project will be a means of earning an income for the centre which will eventually significantly reduce the reliance on donors and be a self sustaining centre. It will also teach people at the centre various skills which will help to empower them. There is also a current need of funds for the upkeep of the centre and some of the funds will be used towards this ongoing necessity.

I hope you will support this cause and I would be grateful for any amounts of donations.

Thank you



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We are a small UK based charity that was started 1996. Run by volunteers, no salaries are paid. Our trusted partners overseas work on the ground for local people. We provide help to where it is needed, avoiding unnecessary wastage. Our work helps people in India, Kenya, Nepal, Syria, Uganda and UK. We have built schools, run medical camps, sponsored children, run feeding programs and sent books, glasses and clothes to many of these countries. See more of our work on our Facebook page


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From 15th August 2022. Until 31st December 2022.


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